Enjoy reading some reviews below from the media on Cherry Crest Seafood and Market.


Zagat Food Review: "Who would've suspected that a fish take-out spot and neighborhood market would have such fin fare?" ponder smitten surveyors about this Littleton seafooder where the "fresh", "fast, tasty", "unpretentious eats", "little atmosphere", and "sassy waitresses" ad up to a "bargain meal"."

Denver Post: "The Cherry Crest goes beyond the usual salmon, red snapper, and swordfish to include carious shark steaks, mahi mahi, sole, and even the elusive pompano one recent evening. But what's perhaps best about the place is what isn't done to the fish. The items I sampled weren't overcooked, drowned in sauces or laced with too many spices. Grilled fillets arrived firm, juicy and topped with touches of herbs, citrus relishes, lemon and butter."

Denver Post: "...they have a huge menu with a whole range of fish, shellfish, and crustaceans in various preparations. The menu pegged the enchiladas as the chef's specialty. Turns out they made for an excellent dish, with succulent chunks of lobster, sweet crabmeat, delicate tortillas, and a creamy, dusty-spice sauce. I loved every bite, and woke up the next morning craving more."

WestWord - (Voted Best Seafood Lunch): "If you're truly out to lunch, you may as well go fishing. Figuratively, that is--and if it's fish you want, Cherry Crest is a reliable place to get it fresh without lifting a rod. No need to feel landlocked here--along with a selection of complete-meal specials, the busy Littleton restaurant also serves lighter midday fare--lobster rolls, seafood salads, and smoked salmon on toast."

The Restaurant Show - (Warren Byrne): "It's not the fanciest place in town, but you'll be hard-pressed to find better seafood anywhere."